Hyundai to add Nvidia cloud-based gaming to future cars

January 7, 2023
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Hyundai, Polestar to Add Nvidia Cloud-Based Gaming to Future Vehicles


At CES 2023 we see also old fashioned automotive companies entering the EV race. Not that many considered in the past buying a car from Hyunday, but now with the new partnership with Nvidia things are changing. 

Nvidia announced it will bring its GeForce Now cloud-based gaming service to vehicles from the Hyundai Motor Group, Polestar, and BYD. (BYD is the largest EV carmakers in the Chinese market)

Who will manufacture the new electronic control units? Foxconn, of course. 

GeForce users may play over 1,000 premium and free-to-play games from online marketplaces of Steam and Epic Games Store, including popular titles such as Fortnite and/or Destiny 2.

Big fish become small fish and vice versa.

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