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"What the dog saw"


What Gladwell perfectly described in his book is the “other” point of view that in the end astonishes the audience. “Hmmm, I should have thought of that” or a simple “this puts things into perspective”.


Apple’s new era: incremental innovation

Source: Apple So, the most anticipated event of the year was…okaish. I mean, no surprises. Here is what drew my attention: 1/ Carbon neutral targets will be achieved completely by 2030; knowing Apple my estimation is that the target could have been easily by 2025. 2/ The pro models are (...)

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Netflix uses a ‘ladder strategy’

Source: Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press Netflix’s strategy Anyone can have a strategy, but to deliver on it it’s totally another thing. Netflix has done both in the last ~ 26 years. Here was their strategy: 1/ Netflix began its journey by offering content that was easily accessible (DVDs) to differentiate (...)

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Threads and ‘The cold problem’

Threads and ‘The cold problem’

It has been a crazy week for both Meta and Twitter. My impression is that this ‘fight’ started back 10 years ago: “Twitter is such as mess — it’s as if they drove a clown car to a gold mine and fell in.” – Mark Zuckerberg, 2013 …fast forward on (...)

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on Vision PRO

Source: Scott Galloway Apple vs. its critics Will Apple’s Vision Pro be a flop? Two weeks after the launch, Apple’s critics started to raise their voices: “Vision Pro will be a flop”. Their reasons seem valid when you hear them: 1/ All the showcases were with persons alone or sitting (...)

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Pursuit of the dream machine

Pursuit of the Dream machine

  Source: Microsoft (snapshot) Microsoft mentioned Artificial Intelligence (AI) up to 50 times during its results presentation in April. Microsoft Build 2023 event had 5 announcements and all were related to AI initiatives. 1/ Their biggest announcement was that Windows 11 is getting an AI Copilot. Finally, it’s worth buying (...)

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The 5 stages of social media

The 5 stages of Social Media

I gave today a presentation to a group of students from Sapienza University, who visited our university for the Foresight project. Given the strategy context of Italian companies, the mention of Social Media was inevitable, so I had to rely on the ideas of Sam Lessin, a former Facebook executive, (...)

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