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"What the dog saw"


What Gladwell perfectly described in his book is the “other” point of view that in the end astonishes the audience. “Hmmm, I should have thought of that” or a simple “this puts things into perspective”.

LVMH's portfolio

LVMH’s valuation

Photo: Leah Grace Capitan / Seeking Alpha Congrats to $LVMH for reaching a EUR +500 bn valuation. Here are my thoughts on their business model: 1/ Rarity will continue to outperform abundance. That is the power of artisanship. 2/ The group has a balanced ‘egg basket’, that can perform in (...)

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GDP of the USA, China and EU

EU will be the 4th global power

In my last #onStrategy newsletter, I also tackle the EU’s global role. Macron was in China last week and returned with some kinky ideas: “EU should aim to be a third power, after the USA and China”. (Politico and Les Echos) Now, I have some comments on this: 1/ Probably, it (...)

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Twitter's algorithm

Twitter’s algorithm

Twitter’s algorithm is now publicly available. It is also a reminder that online communities work with the 90-9-1 ratio: * 90% of users are lurkers (i.e. they just read or watch without contributing). * 9% of users sometimes contribute but occasionally * 1% of users are the most active and (...)

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Automation of white collars

A story of automation in two chapters

  In today’s newsletter, I focused again on AI and its impact: https://lnkd.in/dZBByuri Three main takeaways: 1/ The main category affected by AI is the one represented by white-collar workers. (ie. office jobs) 2/ What is different this time is that this category has the means to be louder (ie. through (...)

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TikTok's ban

TikToks path to banning

Source: Solen Feyissa / Unsplash Last week, TikTok’s CEO, had a hearing in the US House of Representatives and it not went well. My ideas on this topic: 1/ Tiktok (Bytedance) has the merit of moving most of the Social Media attention from text and images to video. Also, moving (...)

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Who killed the metaverse?

Who killed the metaverse?

Who killed the metaverse? I’d say that it didn’t have the chance to take off. Instead, LLMs (Chat GPT & co) and top Chinese apps are the new winners. Temu was the most downloaded app in the USA, Shein will have a $100 bn market valuation and TikTok will reach (...)

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Earth globe view from the North pole

A new world

August marks the 11th anniversary of Marc Andreessen's famous article - Why Software Is Eating The World, published in The Wall Street Journal.  Everything the Internet has done to the newspaper and music industries is now happening to all other industries. Concurrently. I'm a terrified dinos ...