Apple: “Emergency SOS” and "Crash Detection" safety features

September 10, 2022
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From lifestyle to health & sports and then to safety. At the “Far Out” event Apple highlighted the fact that you can trust the company’s products for your own safety: “Emergency SOS” or “Crash Detection”. The latter was a service offered as a premium by some car companies (ie. BMW)

The marketing campaign started at least a few years ago with the Apple watch and now they have just extended to the phone. The watch + phone + airpods = fun, cool and safe!

Tim Cook said it the best in the event’s opening: “Today we’re here to talk about three products that have become essential in our lives: iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. They’re always with you, whenever and wherever you need them, and are designed to work seamlessly together. On their own, each is industry-leading. Together, they provide a magical experience.”

Are 99.99% of the clients going to use those functions? Probably (and hopefully) not. But it’s better to have them than sorry. Like Americans like to say: Safety first!


iPhone 14 Pro marketing

Source: Apple


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