Effective Web Presence Solutions for Enhancing e-Fashion Customers’ Satisfaction (2020, academic article)

December 3, 2022
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By Sorin Anagnoste

Strategy | Business Models | Tech


Technology has been changing the way companies interact with their customers, this trend being emphasized during the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional advertising tools are complemented or replaced by new marketing techniques, and companies are aiming to improve their reach by leveraging social media or the influencer trend. E-commerce makes it possible to browse and compare an ever increasing number of products, and to make purchases from any place with Internet access. Moreover, retailers who incorporate the online world into their business models might face less difficulty during adverse events. However, e-commerce is also defined by fierce competition among companies in their quest for gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Buyers can easily abandon their carts and switch to another seller, if the purchasing experience is flawed or another offer is more tempting.

In the fashion industry, e-commerce is particularly challenging, as colors, sizes and quality are still difficult to reproduce in the web-based world. Thus, creating the right customer experience through e-stores can make the difference between success and failure for online fashion retailers.


Authors: Sorin Anagnoste, Isabelle Biclesanu, Claude Chailan, Bianca Negoiasa

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