Zoom has an email & calendar now

November 26, 2022
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Zoom has an email & calendar now. Finally, 3 years later:

Today at Zoomtopia, we announced the next step in our platform evolution, the beta of new productivity tools: Zoom Mail and Calendar Clients and Zoom Mail and Calendar Services.

When I saw this announcement, it came to my mind the MS Teams adoption below. What do you prefer? Something free that works “okaish” or something flawless.


Microsoft Teams vs Slack


Companies prefer bundled products, especially when they come at the same price. Consider yourself warned, Notion! ?

What’s next for Zoom? Launching next year “Spots” – a “virtual coworking space” aiming to “bring the fluid interactions of in-person work to distributed, hybrid teams.”

If it will not offer at least a 3x better experience than MIRO or something related it will probably fail. The costs for Microsoft and alike to build copies and offer it for free is insignificant.

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