What in the world happened to the iPad line-up?

October 30, 2022
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By Sorin Anagnoste

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In general, Apple’s line-up is pretty clear when it comes to products: good (entry level), better (mid-tier) and the best (high-end):
– iPhone: SE, 14 and PRO
– Watch: SE, 8 and Ultra

…so what in the world happened to the iPad line-up? If you look at the configurations you’ll have mixed feelings: the new entry level iPad has USB-C charging port, but works only with Apple Pencil 1 gen, which charges via….lightning (…and other details that can frustrate the users).

Beside these, what is keeping the iPad from its full potential is the software. Stage Manager is already a fail (I have tested too!) and until Apple will not bring macOS-like multitasking features to it will continue “as usual”, that is, with mediocre updates like this one.


Apple iPad lineup oct2022

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