Roblox has the opportunity to become an aggregator

September 28, 2022
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By Sorin Anagnoste

Strategy | Business Models | Tech

Roblox is one of Wall Street’s darlings. Also, it is an user-generated game platform with 50m DAUs.

Roblox has the opportunity to become an aggregator:

1) Pop culture – every person gets an avatar which can be customised;
2) Immersive experience – more than 70% of the users use the phone and most of them are willing to expand to VR/AR with proper headsets (hint! Oculus);
3) Own currency – called Robux, which creators and developers can earn and exchange it to money;
4) Roblox App store – where you can find a game for your preferences.


Roblox game characters

Roblox game characters

Source: Roblox


Of course, there are challenges ahead: back to school, people leaving the platform when reaching a specific age etc, but the company is doing pretty well at mitigating these risks.

The only threat that I see with the current inflation is that people will stop buying goods in the game and just playing for free. We shall see…

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