Pursuit of the Dream machine

May 6, 2023
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By Sorin Anagnoste

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Pursuit of the dream machine

Source: Microsoft (snapshot)

Microsoft mentioned Artificial Intelligence (AI) up to 50 times during its results presentation in April. Microsoft Build 2023 event had 5 announcements and all were related to AI initiatives.

1/ Their biggest announcement was that Windows 11 is getting an AI Copilot. Finally, it’s worth buying a PC laptop instead of a Mac. Windows + AI = a new platform.

2/ Having an AI who can scan all your files, emails and other apps and provide you answers and deliverables with some words it’s real magic. Everyone becomes a power user.

3/ Who can compete with this moat? Probably Google, but not sure about the same quality. Apple is totally lost on AI, for the moment, and their focus is on the headset they will release next week.

4/ If you are a SaaS company and you are not integrated with Microsoft, prepare to become irrelevant.

5/ All GPT-4 plugins will be suitable for Windows too. This is the exact strategy of an aggregator trying to commoditize its supplier. (btw, OpenAI is doing this too)

6/ Microsoft knows it has a platform on its hands and it advertises it accordingly, like a historic milestone, as can be seen below:

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