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November 30, 2023
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Human AI Pin

on Humane’s AI Pin

Humane, a startup led by former Apple executives, just launched the AI Pin – a wearable device designed to revolutionize our interaction with technology [1]

What’s fascinating? The AI Pin attaches to clothing and integrates sensors, projectors, and AI tech, promising a range of advanced features.

Why I’m skeptical?
While the concept of a frictionless AI experience is alluring, I’m somewhat skeptical. For AI to truly integrate into our daily lives, it needs to perceive the world as we do. It should not only be about effortless interaction; it needs to see what we see, hear what we’re saying, and perhaps even understand our surroundings with similar intuition. [2]

Towards a frictionless world:
This leads me to think – wouldn’t glasses be a more suitable form factor? Glasses sit naturally at the intersection of our vision and hearing, providing an ideal platform for an AI to engage with our environment more holistically.

This isn’t to undermine the potential of the AI Pin. It’s a step towards the future of wearables. But it sparks a conversation: What is the ultimate form of wearable AI? How do we balance innovation with practicality and comfort?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Could glasses be the next frontier for wearable AI? Or is there another form factor that could better bridge the gap between technology and human experience?

[1] https://hu.ma.ne/
[2] https://lnkd.in/d63BHktF

Photo: https://hu.ma.ne/

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