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December 13, 2022
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By Sorin Anagnoste

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Artificial Intelligence


Next week I will cover some key areas to applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), explaining also some technicalities on how it works and where the commercial impact will be the most significant.

Chips are the new nuclear weapons.

There are important dates that will go down in history:
→ 24th February 2023 – when Russia attacked Ukraine, because it triggered what is known as “the beginning of the end” for what is one of the last empires
→ 7 October 2023 – US decided a ban on advanced chips exports to China, abandoning the “two generations behind” policy

The chip ban reminded me of the UK exporting 25 Rolls Royce aviation engines to the Soviet Union in the mid ‘40s with a solemn promise to be used only in commercial activities. The latter not only broke the promise but it used to develop the MIG 15, which was successfully used in the Korean war. That’s why we have two Koreas today.

There are 11 key areas along the line of creating chips and those areas are completely owned by the USA, with integrated support by Japan and the Netherlands. The USA has understood very fast the power of AI in military and is acting accordingly.

? Nvidia, via Reuters

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