My business predictions for 2023

January 3, 2023
2 minutes

By Sorin Anagnoste

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2023 Business Predictions

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Happy New Year! ?

Here are my business predictions for 2023:

1/ Cash is king and with higher interest rates more industry consolidation will happen (e.g. food delivery, streaming, micromobility etc)
2/ Disney’s stock lost 44% YTD, hence they have brought back their legendary CEO from retirement. Bob Iver’s strategy in the past was largely driven by consolidation by acquiring Pixar, Lucas Film (Star wars franchise), Marvel etc. A normal step would be to continue this trend by entering the metaverse. (hint! Roblox seems the right acquisition)
3/ Chat GPT will have a chance to get into the “Golden companies” circle made by Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet. META tried to enter, but failed largely due to not owning a platform.
4/ The Tesla stock is still overvalued at 35x P/E
5/ SHEIN will be number one by revenue in Europe and US in the (ultra)fast-fashion industry
6/ Bytedance – might reach $1 trillion valuation; if not this year, next year for sure
7/ Apple will finally launch its glasses. Starting with the 3rd version will become attractive for the mass market
8/ At least one European bank will be bailed out. Analysts refer to Credit Suisse, but Unicredit or BNP Paribas are not that far away
9/ Fintech banks will continue to innovate on products and grow on market share.
10/ The energy stocks will have a stellar year (e.g. Exxon & co)
11/ Tech layoffs will continue. If Twitter could be run with only 25% personnel investors will ask the same from Google, Facebook and so on.

More details about these predictions and other more on my next newsletter that will come out on Thursday, as usual: https://buff.ly/3WrUoPX


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