Microsoft is all in on AI

March 22, 2023
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By Sorin Anagnoste

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Microsoft is all in on AI

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft showed a 36 minutes video on their new toys: AI to all productivity tools.

Writing is one of the most powerful skills one can have. Now, even if you don’t have it you still have great help: Microsoft AI Copilot and other similar tools.

What it means for businesses:
1. Increased productivity by a high margin ???? (especially for writing emails, minutes, making presentations, code writing, and code review, etc)
2. Business Chat is the real winner of this demo. Using the Microsoft Graph to collect all the internal knowledge to keep you up to date, write responses, prepare presentations, and generally act like a real Copilot. Of course, everyone will prefer to use a mediocre suite of products that work instead of non-interoperable stand-alone apps. (Hint! The reason Slack really lost on Teams). Maybe Google will have a shoot at this, but I doubt it.
3. Much fewer people needed (ie. including additional layoffs and freeze bans)
4. Individual white collars contractors or one-person companies will grow their revenue
5. With time these solutions will become even more effective

Go watch the presentation. It’s a must!

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