Gen Z vs Millenial communication apps

November 29, 2022
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By Sorin Anagnoste

Strategy | Business Models | Tech

Gen Z employees (77%) prefer flexible work policies, according to LinkedIn Market Research. Gen Z (born between ‘95 and ‘10), just like all other generations, miss in-person face-to-face connection but they have adapted by incorporating a series of apps.

The game rules are the same: if you are not present on those apps, you are not cool, and that can hurt your company in the medium term (1 to 3 years). Why? Millennials considered to work for 3 years on average when joining a company and now Gen Z considers a maximum of 1 year, unless the company is…cool.

And how can you be cool if you don’t use the apps Gen Z are using?

Gen Z vs Millenials apps


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