EU will be the 4th global power

April 10, 2023
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By Sorin Anagnoste

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GDP of the USA, China and EU

In my last #onStrategy newsletter, I also tackle the EU’s global role.

Macron was in China last week and returned with some kinky ideas: “EU should aim to be a third power, after the USA and China”. (Politico and Les Echos)

Now, I have some comments on this:

1/ Probably, it will be the fourth economy: after India

2/ Europe had a large competitive advantage for cars (with internal combustion engines). Not anymore: there is a new ground for competition when it comes to EVs: scale, design, distribution, and a new skillset (around software). In 2023 EU imported for the first time more cars from China than vice-versa (!)

3/ So, where is Europe’s current competitive advantage? Artisanship (i.e. luxury products) and top-notch machinery for the chips industry (e.g. ASML):

???? Read the entire copy here: https://lnkd.in/dF_cXP4e

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