Artificial intelligence in healthcare: Public perception of robotic surgery (2022, academic article)

December 6, 2022
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Breakthrough after breakthrough, artificial intelligence has proven itself to be of support to the healthcare system. Public and private hospitals are improving their services through the adoption of different technologies, such as wearables, 3D printing, virtual reality or surgical robots, among others. This paper investigates the public opinion on one of the healthcare areas affected by the evolution of artificial intelligence, the robotic eye surgery (RES). The assessment is done from the safety, technology and pricing perspectives, considering the demographic distribution of the sample. The results reveal that RES is considered a safer alternative to traditional procedures performed by surgeons alone. The technology’s influence over the medical field is seen as a significant contributor to public trust in RES. The price evolution for such procedures in the following years is seen with slight optimism. The demographic variables used in the paper have a weak or no relationship with public trust in RES, the opinion on its price evolution or the medical field. Understanding the present view over robotic surgery is valuable for developing support measures, awareness campaigns and adjusting the healthcare providers’ decisions.


Authors: Sorin Anagnoste, Isabelle Biclesanu, Casiana Teodoroiu, Francesco Bellini

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