Apple's new era: incremental innovation

September 13, 2023
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By Sorin Anagnoste

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Source: Apple

So, the most anticipated event of the year was…okaish. I mean, no surprises.
Here is what drew my attention:

1/ Carbon neutral targets will be achieved completely by 2030; knowing Apple my estimation is that the target could have been easily by 2025.
2/ The pro models are going in an interesting direction: being really PRO. (hence the price increase for the Max)
3/ Who needs a 48MP camera to post on Instagram?
4/ Knowledge and capabilities sharing between products: action button from the Ultra Watch, cord from the Mac, and so on.
5/ The ongoing differentiation for Apple products is and will be done mainly through software: double tap for the Watch 9 is going to be extremely useful.
6/ The product videos were also a reminder nobody in the industry can match the quality of Apple’s hardware…unfortunately.
7/ The gamers will probably love the new chip.

This launch is also a confirmation of an era that is defined by incremental updates.

So, the real question is: when will Apple launch the iPhone Ultra?

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