A bunch of US companies have initiated a project to regulate AI

October 10, 2022
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A bunch of US companies have initiated a project to regulate AI (ie. ‘ethics AI’ being the first topic). As we can seen below, there are serious worries about General Artificial Intelligence.


GPT-3 language models


DALL-E & all are already producing images from text and going to the next level: translating text into videos. We learned this week that you can send a picture of an empty room to an AI simulator and receive different furniture proposals. To have the full image, now Deepmind discovered how you can edit a video just with text input.

Where are we actually going from here? Holden Karnofsky from Cold-Takes.com has a classic article entitled: “AI Could Defeat All Of Us Combined”. How? A mix of AI creating hundreds of millions of other AIs will result in manipulating the human psychology, hence beating us at all aspects: from military to wealth creation.

To be continued.

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