2022 Global Games Market

December 7, 2022
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By Sorin Anagnoste

Strategy | Business Models | Tech

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We see a rush towards gaming (e.g. Netflix, TikTok), but below are the numbers.
Not all players can access the overall $300 bn market, because…China & regulations.

But who are the actors in the gaming ecosystem?

1/ Content production ranges from the tiniest independent developers to the largest teams, or triple-A developers.

2/ Then there are those who publish the material, who really operate the content’s revenue engine, who get it to retail, who decide between digital and physical formats, and who market it. Then there are shops, which were formerly dominated by physical retail but are becoming more digital over time. Here we are going to see digital gaming monopoly (ie. there is not yet a Google of gaming)

3/ On console, you have Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo; on PC, you have Windows Store, Steam, and Epic. Then there are mobile actors such as iOS and Android. Then there are the tool chains used by game developers.

Here are the challenges that I see:
1/ Developing the games for multiple platforms
2/ Reducing the time development of the games (e.g. estimated at 6 years)
3/ Reducing the costs associated with de development of the games
4/ Experiment and choose the right pricing strategy for each platform
5/ Developing the a proper cloud system to support all of the above

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